Scholarship Holders

Since its incorporation in 1997, the Overseas Aid Fund for the Education of Children in Vietnam (OFEC) has awarded scholarships to many students in Vietnam wishing to pursue tertiary education.

Binh Thi Nguyen
Hien Thi Nguyen
Huan Van Nguyen
Ma Noet
Sung A Ky
Phuc Thi Pham

Thuy Thu Thi Nguyen
Ly Thi Vu
Thuan Van Do
Anh Phuong Thuy Nguyen
Anthony Luat Phi Le

Xuan Le Thi Dao
Ngoc Thuy Nguyen
Vinh Minh Tran
Huynh Truc Anh Nguyen
Tuyet Thi Phan
Nga Thu Thi Le
Hung Huu Dang
Huong Huu Dang
Nhan Van Nguyen
ANH Tuan Nguyen
Nga Thi Dang

Thi Thanh Hang Le
Thi Thu Kieu Nguyen

Thi Le Xuan Dao
Phuong Uyen Ho
An Minh
Thuan Huu Nguyen
Tao Thien Tran Nguyen
Kim Thoa Pham
Thuy Phoung Phan
Nguyen Chau To
Bich Thi Xuan

Cuc Thi Ho
Nhat Minh Nguyen
Binh Van Nguyen

Yen Thi Bui
Hoang My Thi Le
Toan Song Nguyen

Giap Nguyen Vo

Phong Thanh Nguyen
Tuan Van Nguyen
Tam T Thanh Tran
Loc Van Tran

Tuan Thanh Nguyen